TV Mounting

Why Would You Pay A Pro?

Fair Question. Installing a TV is not beyond most people's capabilities, yet we find ourselves doing it for people every day.

Our experienced and insured technicians most importantly save you time. It will be done safely and professionally. Our vans are stocked with hundreds of items to prevent return visits. The jobsite will be as clean or cleaner than we found it. Our pricing makes the value a no brainer.

We’ll also fix cheap, free, and DIY installs. ?


Mount Styles

There are dozens of styles of mounts. We install three styles regularly, but we install them all. Read a little about where you would use the different styles and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Flat Mount


The flat or fixed mount is ideal for TVs installed right at eye level. It’s become quite uncommon to use flat mounts, but they do still have their place. They’re one of the most cost-effective ways to get a slim appearance. They are also kind of difficult to work behind and sometimes require recessed plugs and/or adapters for cabling to fit.

Tilt Mount


The tilt mount is by far the most popular. It’s nearly as slim as the majority of flat mounts and allows up to 15 degrees of adjustment for installation well above eye level. This is ideal for bedrooms and above fireplaces.

We actually carry a couple variations of this mount to accommodate existing wall plate layouts and various surface materials.

Full Motion Mount


The full motion or articulating mount is the second most common. It allows that left and right angle adjustment. It’s ideal for corner installations, recessed cabinetry, or any situation where rear access might be needed. Because of the way the mount extends it creates exponential pressure on the attachment points. We may decline installation of full motion mounts due to size and/or surface materials due for safety concerns.

Other Mounts


While still not quite a complete list, some of the other mounts we install are, Ultra Thin Mounts, Recessed Mounts, Pole Mounts, Ceiling Mounts, Down-and-Out Mounts (aka Mantel Mounts), Video Wall Mounts, and of course Motorized Mounts.

We do them all but outside of the most popular three we’ll need to work with you to provide a more custom quote. Which we’re happy to do.

Get Your Next Project Done!


Surface Material

We can mount to virtually anything, but prices and required hardware will vary. Knowing before arrival will allow us quote more accurately and ensure that we are as well-equipped as possible.