Cord Concealment


In-Wall Concealment

FORTECH technicians have decades of experience routing cables in-wall without damaging finishes.

In-Wall Cord Concealment is the process of routing wires, cables, and cords through wall openings (usually faceplates) connecting separate equipment locations with zero visible wires.

The most popular scenario is the High-to-Low run. This is often done between a wall mounted TV and piece of media furniture that might have a cable box, disc player, or gaming system.

There are a ton of potential obstacles, but our pros can’t get through most situations. Reach out today to discuss your project.



The most common, basic, systems don’t really require in-wall cord concealment to get the same great look. If your system is simply a Smart TV or a TV with a small streaming player, hiding your cords and equipment behind the TV is a great solution.

It’s worth mentioned that these systems can be a little more difficult to troubleshoot/repair in the future due to access.


Cord Cover

When you can’t hide your wiring in-wall or hide all of your devices and cabling behind the TV you still have a good option. Cord cover is much cleaner than nothing at all and is even paintable.

This is a great option for rental properties or situations where you simply don’t want to spend the extra money for that ultra clean look. This is a really good solution for bedrooms.

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The Droop

Please don’t make us leave your cords drooping. ? We're only kidding.

Otherwise great installs are ruined by untidy wiring.

We try to keep our pricing at a level where choosing between cord cover and drooping wires isn’t that big of a difference, but we understand that it’s simply not the case for everyone.

It’s very rare, but we have run into situations where the drooping cord was the ONLY option. This is usually due to natural stone fireplaces with no existing power or cable.